IDG Legal

Obtaining legal services is confusing, expensive and time consuming. Whether you need to resolve a traffic ticket or help with an accident you’ve been in, just finding the right lawyer can feel like a full-time job–and one that most of us can’t afford. That’s why IDG provides its members with access to quality, affordable legal services from lawyers who are vetted, care about customer service and understand the needs of drivers. We believe that the justice system should work for everyone, not just the rich and powerful, and we want to ensure that all drivers are given a fair opportunity to advocate for their rights. 

Below, find a list of some of the legal services the IDG of New Jersey provides to its members.

  • Traffic Tickets
    • A lawyer can help challenge a traffic ticket for moving violations. This only costs $100 plus $25 for the discovery fee. This is well below what the average traffic lawyer charges! 
  • Car Accident Cases
    • A lawyer can advise you on your rights and responsibilities as a rideshare driver including compensation for your injuries and your duty to report to your company.
  • Document Review
    • A lawyer will review up to ten (10) pages of any document you need help understanding and get back to you over the phone or provide a written summary.
  • Phone Calls or Letters on your Behalf
    • Depending on the legal issue and at the discretion of the law firm, a lawyer will make up to one phone call or send up to one letter on official letterhead per month on your behalf.
  • Basic Will Preparation
    • You are entitled to a free will package, which includes an estate planning session, preparation of a standard will, and designating a healthcare proxy. You may also create a living will with annual updates, as needed.
  • Legal Forms
    • You will have access to standard legal forms, including power of attorney, lease agreements, etc.
  • Discounted Flat Fees
    • For other legal matters, you can receive quality legal help at a very discounted rate. This includes:
      • Uncontested Divorce
      • Criminal cases (disorderly persons offense, indictable offense, or DWI)
      • Living Trusts
      • Residential Closing
      • IRS Audit Services
      • All other hourly matters
  • Free Consultation On Any Legal Matter
    • A lawyer will listen to any legal issue you have and provide you with up to one half-hour of advice or next steps you could take.

How to Use This Benefit

If you are interested in using this benefit, you first need to join the IDG by clicking here!

From there, you will find forms to fill out to request legal assistance.

If you need help joining the IDG and gaining access to your benefits, or want more information, please contact us at 844-335-1264.