March Newsletter: Important updates from the IDG

When We Fight, We Win! Uber and Lyft Drivers Win Raise in NYC

Independent Drivers Guild members in New York went out in force for months in support of raises for drivers so we can continue to drive when and where we want to and live with dignity while we do it. And this month, we won! The Taxi and Limousine Commission announced an 8.78% raise for rideshare drivers in New York City. Thank you to the thousands of Independent Drivers Guild members who fought for our fair compensation from the rideshare industry. State by state, we will continue to push for Uber and Lyft drivers to get the money we deserve.

Illinois Independent Drivers Guild Members are Speaking Out For Better Safety Standards After Recent Violence

After a recent string of violent attacks on Uber drivers in Chicago, our members in Illinois are speaking out and calling on rideshare companies to do more to protect drivers. “Sometimes, workers that have been very committed to this industry can just become a victim of picking up the wrong passenger,” said Lenny Sanchez, Director of the Illinois Independent Drivers Guild. As drivers, we take all the risks on the road while rideshare companies make billions of dollars. We will continue to raise our voices until every driver has the protections we need to get home safely. 

Massachusetts IDG Members Lobby for Rideshare Driver Justice Bill for Right to a Union, Fair Compensation

Massachusetts drivers took time off from their grueling schedules to speak to lawmakers about their experiences as rideshare drivers and what needs to happen to change our industry to better serve us and our families. Uber and Lyft exploit our hard work every day and we are now in a position to gain support from lawmakers to pass the Massachusetts Rideshare Driver Justice Bill that will implement higher wages, job protections, and the right to a union. Thank you to every member who came out. We will continue to speak to legislators until we win!

Driver Spotlight: Meet New York IDG Member Dinara Zhanpeissova

Dinara Zhanpeissova was one of the many Independent Drivers Guild members who packed the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission Hearing to tell the department that drivers need a raise. She has been driving for 5 years and this is her full-time job. Like many drivers, Dinara is in the process of doing her taxes. She shocked the Commission by explaining that after taxes, fees, expenses, and Uber’s cut, she would only be making $18,000 for the year. This is not a livable income for anyone. “Do I even make minimum wage? No! Do I need a raise? Obviously!” Thank you to Dinara for sharing your story and every IDG driver who came out. Your voices made our raise a reality!

Happy Women’s History Month: How Women are Fighting Back

Around 21 percent of Lyft drivers and 27 percent of Uber drivers in the US are women. Often women drivers are left to fend for themselves. From sexual assault to harassment, women’s concerns are not taken seriously by the rideshare companies despite false promises about inclusion and diversity. But the Independent Drivers Guild is committed to making sure every driver’s voice is heard. This month, we celebrate the women drivers who are leaders within our organization and within the driver community. We will continue to fight alongside you!

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