Meet Muhammad Anwar

03 Jan 2024


Years of ride-share experience

5 years

IDG Organizing experience

3 Years

Country of origin




For Muhammad Anwar, it’s been an ardent desire to promote the welfare of others.
IDG has provided him with a springboard to actualize his dream of helping others.
As an IDG organizer for over a year, Muhammad is able to fulfill his passion for
helping others. Muhammad has been a professional driver for 25 years and has been
a Rideshare driver with Uber and Lyft for 8 years. He also served as the chairman
of an Executive Group for over a year. Muhammad’s experience as a driver and chairman
has helped him understand the issues of drivers and how to remedy those issues.
Muhammad immigrated from Pakistan 30 years ago and also speaks Urdu.

Muhammed credits a fellow IDG organizer Sohail Rana for helping shape his leadership skills. “Sohail has played a pivotal role in facilitating the process of learning for me.
I am immensely indebted to him for it. His indomitable leadership has afforded me
an opportunity to learn the concepts of servant and leader, upward and downward
communication, resilience, and perseverance. I wish to be an effective organizer of
IDG and intend to build a symbiotic bond between member drivers and the IDG in
perspective. Working for IDG has indeed uplifted my spirit.”